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Recording A Performance Through Mainstage.

One commonly overlooked feature in Mainstage is the ability to record a performance. This allows you record and hear exactly when your synths players were playing, or if you're routing keyboards through Mainstage, it allows you to hear their mix as well. In addition, if you have a sound that you really love, this is an easy way to print that sound without having to go to another DAW. Below I will show you how to set a recording up:

1) Once Mainstage is up, click on the Mainstage tab in the upper lefthand corner and go to preferences.

2) Navigate to the Audio tab, and look at the settings under Recording. It will give you options on what you want to recording. My default settings are the Output 1-2, but if I want to hear a specific instrument, I select that instrument's output.

The second option is picking the destination of the recording. I like to have my recordings go straight to my Desktop.

The third option is what file extension you want your audio to record to. There are size limitations depending on what extension you choose: AIFF=2 gigs, WAVE=4 gigs, CAF=no practical limit.

3) Once you everything set up the way you like, navigate back to the main Layout page. In the upper lefthand corner you'll set the red record button. Hitting that will begin a recording.

There you go! That's an easy and convenient way to record through Mainstage.

As always, if you have questions, or are interested in full fledged professional electronic design, contact Performance Audio Solutions.

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