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Performance Audio Solutions: Texas High School.

Recently, I got the privilege to work with the guys at Texas High School. On a day of in-school testing, I came in, set up their system, diagnosed it, and walked through with the staff what I was doing.

Over the course of a day and a half we:

  • Got some sub material going through the system, and balanced that with the mains.

  • Used sine sweeps to calibrate and test the system.

  • Set up filters and EQs on instrument channels.

  • Discussed and demonstrated compression, gating, and different types of reverbs and effects.

  • Built scenes on the mixer.

  • Set proper levels for mic'ed keyboards.

  • Hung and listened to keyboard microphones.

  • Discussed different mic'ing techniques and the differences between mics.

  • Went through the system signal flow from the top down, explaining each piece of equipment in the chain.

  • Set up mainstage, midi mapping, and the process of designing sound.

  • Using sound libraries, we discussed and built patches for the upcoming fall program.

These are a few examples of what a day looks like with Performance Audio Solutions. Contact us and explore what we can do for you.

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