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Pageantry Audio

Pageantry Audio takes the guessing out of marching audio. Founded by Geoff Schoeffel, we have been setting up our clients for success on the field for a decade plus.

Sound Design

We've created successful sound designs for some of the best marching ensembles in activity. We know how to create effective and beautiful sound design that works for your group and helps you achieve competitive success.

System Design

We build and implement audio systems for groups of all sizes and budgets. Whatever your size or budget, we can help set you up for success, the first time

Ensemble Engineer


For the past decade, we've exclusively worked with audio in the marching arts, witnessing its growth and influencing its trajectory. Our expertise goes beyond engineering your audio system – we collaborate with the full ensemble to ensure seamless integration and fidelity.

Pageantry Audio Packages

  • full and half day visits
  • balanced & blended
  • tidy & organized
  • maintenance plan
  • fail-safe education

On-Site Tune Up

Are you worried your sound system doesn't sound as great as it should? Let us take the worry away. Click the email link to set up an appointment with us. 

On-Site Set-Up & Tune-Up

We all know how big of a job setting up a front ensemble can be. That's why it needs to be the right way, the first time. A clean set-up is the best way to protect your audio investments, and have consistency every performance. 

  • full day visit
  • mic'ing and cabling set-up
  • season long consultation 
  • complete system design

Sound Design

  • fully integrated sound design
  • covers all narration, soundscapes, and samples
  • unlimited revisions
  • arranged and tailored to work with your system
Are you looking to take your marching band, WGI wind or percussion production over the top? Working with your team, we create beautiful and engaging moments with cutting-edge sound design, and customized sound libraries. Connect with us to listen to our portfolio.

Complete System and Sound Design

Welcome to the worry free zone. We take care of everything. Enjoy comprehensive sound design, an efficient system, and season long peace of mind.  

  • complete sound design
  • 4-6 in person visits
  • full season consultation and communication

Pageantry Audio Extras

In addition to our packages, we also offer:
  • custom mainstage sessions
  • click track files
  • remote digital mixer setup
  • winter guard tracks
  • audio consultation via phone/email
  • recordings of your concert and percussion ensembles

What is Pageantry Audio?

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